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Levon Haftvan


Levon Haftvan

Director | Producer | Actor

Born in Tehran, Iran

Levon Haftvan is an Iranian film actor, director, producer and critic. Levon is also known for his work on stage as theatre director and stage actor. Haftvan graduated in acting and directing from the University of Tehran, he also received a MFA in directing from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts in Moscow. The Armenian-born versatile artist speaks fluent English, Russian, Persian and Armenian. He is also the author of artistic critiques appearing in Armenian, Persian and English periodicals. Haftvan is the founder and artistic director of Lemaz Production and the ReeRaa Theatre Company. He has been residing in Canada since 1995. Levon H Read More.. aftvan made his debut as an actor in Khosrow Sinai's 1991 feature film 'In the Alleys of Love' (Dar Koochehaye Eshgh) which competed for the Un Certain Regard Award at Cannes. He then played in Mohammad Shirvani's Iranian drama 'Fat Shaker' (Larzanandeye Charbi) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, and also won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Haftvan gained international exposure with Majid Barzegar's multi-award movie 'Parviz' which has been to over 30 international film festivals. Interpreting the role of Parviz, an old bachelor who still lives home with parents, Haftvan garnered the Best Actor award in the 2014 Dhaka International Film Festival. More recently, he played in Amir Hossein Saghafi's 2015 indie movie 'The Man Who Became a Horse' (Mardi ke Asb Shod). In 2016, he appeared in Amir Shahab Razavian's comedy 'A Romantic Robbery' (Yek Dozdi Asheghaneh) and played alongside Mehdi Hashemi in Reza Attaran's comedy-horror vampire film 'Dracula'. He also plays in Kazem Mollaei's 2016 'Koopal'.


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Levon Haftvan