Milad Keymaram
میلاد کی‌مرام

Milad Keymaram (میلاد کی‌مرام)
  • Actor
Born March 24, 1985
Keymaram, Milad (born April 24, 1985, Bandar-Anzali) Milad Kaymaram has two older siblings and holds an associate degree in electronics. He has made his debut with acting in ‘National Alley’ (2010) directed by Mehrshad Karkhani. He has acted in movies such as ‘The Queen’ (2011), ‘Hot Line’ (2013), ‘Snow’ (2013), and ‘Mastaneh’ (2014). He has also appeared in series such as ‘No Pain, No Gain’ (2011), ‘Relatively Bad Guys’ (2013), and ‘It May Happen to You Too’ ...(2009-2014).