Mehdi Soltani
مهدی سلطانی

Mehdi Soltani (مهدی سلطانی)
  • Actor
Soltani-Sarvestani, Mehdi (born 1971, Shiraz) Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani has a BA in Acting from Tehran University, a Master’s in Directing from Tehran University and a PhD in Theater from the Avignon University of France. He has also tried his hand at research, translation and directing and is a university professor. Soltani has appeared in several series, including ‘The Trial’ (1998), ‘The Final Decision’ (2001), ‘On the Way to Zayandeh Rood’ (2010), ‘The Wall’ (2012), ‘Li a Mother’ (2013), ‘Madineh’ (2014), ‘Seven Stones’ (2014) and ‘Kimiya’ (2013-2015). He has also acted in some movies such as ‘The Queen’ (2011) and ‘Che’ (2013).