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Farhad Aslani (فرهاد اصلانی‎)


Farhad Aslani (فرهاد اصلانی‎)


Born: June 8th 1966 in Bijar, Iran

Farhad Aslani ( فرهاد اصلانی‎ ) is a well-known Iranian actor who was born in 1966 in Bijar. Aslani started his work in theatre in 1978. He attended a two-year course in Theatre Acting and Directing which he completed in 1991. That year he also began his career in radio. Farhad Aslani played his first role in 'Hamsaye ha' TV Series in 1993 and after that he participated in Rakhshan Bani Etemad's 'The Blue Veiled' (Rosari Abi). Since then Aslani has played many memorable characters. Aslani won the Crystal Simorgh for his role in 'Private Life' (Zendegi Khososi) at the 2012 Fajr Film Festival. In 2015, Farhad Aslani played in Mosta Read More.. fa Kiayee's 'Ice Era' (Asre Yakhabandan) alongside Mahtab Keramati. More recently, Farhad Aslani starred in Hatef Alimardani's 'The Nameless Alley' (Kooche Binam) and won two Best Actor awards for his performance in Reza Mirkarimi's movie 'Daughter' (Dokhtar) at the 2016 Moscow International Film Festival and Batumi International Art-House Film Festival.


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Farhad Aslani (فرهاد اصلانی‎)

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Farhad Aslani (فرهاد اصلانی‎)


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