Manzar Lashkari
منظر لشکری

Manzar Lashkari (منظر لشکری)
  • Actor
Manzar Lashkari has been a Actor in some movies:
Sunset Truck is about that For many years, an Iranian family has been running a camp for desert lovers. Business is gradually drying when Arash, the youngest son, comes up with a novel idea. Through his skillful use of Facebook, he attracts new visitors to the camp with the promise of providing the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Business takes off again. However, other problems quickly arise.Sayeh is a pregnant, single woman living in the camp. One day she receives an unexpected visitor, none other than the rich bureaucrat, father of Sayeh’s unborn child, who wants to force Sayeh into an abortion while keeping everything from his wife. Sayeh, though, is determined to keep the child. The camp’s existence is threatened. In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Pejman Bazeghi, ... Nader Fallah, Bayram Fazli, Ebrahim Saeedi, Hossein Ghourchian, Roshanak Gerami, Nezamoddin Kiaie, Saman Saffari, Abolfazl Saffari, Ali Reza Javadi, Alborz Malekpoor, Khosro Bamdad, Masoud Mehregan, Amir Reza Vaziri
When I Came Back is about that Ghashang and Farang are two elderly sisters living with their sons Bahman and Vahid. Farang’s son, Bahman is a film critic and Ghashang’s son, Vahid is a dentist. Although Vahid is married, he is not very committed to his marriage and due to this his wife has left him and moved to France to continue studying. On the other hand, Bahman and his wife have separated and she has moved to Dubai in an attempt to sell her paintings. One night, after hosting a party, Bahman goes for a walk and is hit by a car and fells into a coma. His mother and aunt try to bring him back to life by ... In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Bita Farahi, Ladan Mostofi, Reza Kianian, Rana Azadivar, Omid Roohani, Hossein Moheb Ahari, Sorush Sehhat, Afshin Hashemi, Vahid Moosaiyan, Mohammad Reza Sokoot, Hassan Hassandoust, Fereydoon Shahbazian, Mohammad Shahverdi, Sahar Arbin, Behzad Adineh, Ehteram Boroumand
Najibeh is about that Najibeh is a religious and poor old woman who wants to commit a crime because she needs to go to prison for a while. To accomplish her goal, she needs to accompany, so she tries to get help from her friend. In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Majid Yazdani, Mahmood Moosavinejad, Mahmood Asemani, Payam Ahmadi Nia, Shohreh Soltani, Mostafa Gandomkar
Beautiful Jinn is about that Yadollah who has been hospitalized in an asylum, hears and sees scary sounds and ghosts in his big house at nights until... In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Farhad Aslani, Moharram Zeinalzadeh, Bayram Fazli, Ebrahim Saeedi, Hossein Ghourchian, Leila Mousavi, Leila Zareh, Ali Jafari, Alireza Javadpour, Mohammad Fazileh, Alireza Abab, Houshang Radipour, Nourgol Yashilchay, Hossein Hejazi, Amirabbas Latifi, Afsaneh Mirmohammadi, Mehrdad Farid
Gradually is about that When Pari, Seyed's mentally fragile wife, goes missing, he searches for her with no idea what has become of her. As Seyed becomes more desperate as he follows leads to track her down, a story of deceit and dishonor begins to unfold around him. Before long, he will have some difficult decisions to make. But whatever he chooses, nothing will be the same for him again. In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Ahmad Saatchian, Mehran Rajabi, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Maryam Boubani, Hengameh Ghaziani, Shahrokh Foroutanian, Niloofar Khoshkholgh, Hassan Pourshirazi, Alireza Oosivand, Maziar Miri, Parviz Shahbazi, Jahangir Kosari, Hossein Mahdavi, Mohammad Reza Darvishi, Hassan Karimi, Roya Javidnia, Kazem Najjar Zadeh, Arash Eshaghi, Mojtaba Mortazavi, Omid Ghorbani, Hossein Nazari, Roksana Khalvati, Gholamreza Bayran Manesh, Valeh Zarghami, Faranak Saeedi
Invitation is about that The story of a struggling man who steals from visitors of Imam Reza's shrine for a living. But in the end, the victims are the ones to be leading the story... In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Mitra Hajjar, Shaghayegh Farahani, Bayram Fazli, Farhad Ghiasi, Vahid Moghadasi, Hossein Ghourchian, Hamidreza Azarang, Alireza Javadpour, Abtin Barghi, Mehdi Heidari, Saman Saffari, Shahab Shadabi, Hamid Chamani, Mehrdad Farid, Behzad Jafarii
Interrogation of a Crime is about that When a powerful businessman, Hedayatnia, is found dead on a garbage heap, it is up to brooding detective Nazemi to hunt down the killer. As he struggles to uncover a motive, it becomes apparent that the beloved Hedayatnia was not all he seemed. As Nazemi becomes more and more embroiled in the lives of his interrogation subjects, his own personal life begins to suffer. Habib Esmaili gives a powerful performance in this engrossing crime drama. In this film Manzar Lashkari collaborates with Mahmoud Jafari, Mehri Vadadian, Mehdi Mayamei, Enayat Bakhshi, Mahbubeh Bayat, Kioomars Malek Motiee, Habib Esmaili, Kheirollah Tafreshi Azad, Mohammad Abhari, Paridokht Eghbalpour, Tania Johari‌, Farhad Nikpoor, Mohammad Ali Sajadi, Mohammad Reza Aligholi, Alireza Zarrindast, Samad Tavazoi, Naser Tahmasb, Ahmad Hashemi, Ali Mahzoun, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Reza Amirian, Hamid Delshakib, Marzieh Lashgari, Nasrollah Baradaran, Tayebeh Mayamei, Ali Bayat, Reza Effati, Khosrow Amir Sadeghi, Roohollah Mofidi
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