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Shiva Khonyagar ( شیوا خنیاگر )


Shiva Khonyagar ( شیوا خنیاگر )

Actor | Writer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Khonyagar, Shiva (born June, 1967, Tehran) Shiva Khonyagar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Persian Literature. She took a six-month screenwriting course before launching her career as an actress in 1989 with the film ‘Passing through the Dust’. She has also acted in ‘Maryam and Mitil’ (1991), ‘The Face’ (1995), ‘Pink Wedding’ (2004), ‘Souvenir from Abroad’ (2006), ‘Floating in a Bubble’ (2006), ‘Coma’ (2007), ‘Awakening’ (2008), ‘The Gradual Death of a Dream’ (2008), ‘Setayesh’ (2010) and ‘A Line of Truth’ (2011).


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Shiva Khonyagar ( شیوا خنیاگر )