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Pejman Jamshidi (پژمان جمشیدی‎)


Pejman Jamshidi (پژمان جمشیدی‎)

Actor | Cinematographer

Born: October 11th 1977 in Tehran, Iran

Jamshidi, Pejman (born September 11, 1977, Tehran) Pejman Jamshidi was a professional footballer who played as midfielder for Persepolis, Saipa, Pas Tehran and some other clubs. He made his debut TV series with ‘Medical Building’ (2011), but his role in the TV series ‘Pejman’ (2013), directed by Soroush Sehat, made him a household name. Jamshidi has appeared in the TV series ‘Cloudy Years’ (2014), the movie ‘Ceasefire 2’ (2014) and the telefilm ‘The Honor of Fazel Family’ (2013).


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Pejman Jamshidi (پژمان جمشیدی‎)