Pejman Bazeghi

Pejman Bazeghi



Pejman Bazeghi (born in 1974) is an Iranian actor. He is the second child of a family of five, with an origin from the Northern part of Iran, Lahijan. Pejman Bazeghi studied Mining engineering at the University of Lahijan but his passion for cinema pushed him to leave this field of study and enter the Central Youth Cinema of Gilan in 1994. In the same year, he also took his first steps toward an acting career with his first performance on the big screen with Majid Fahimkhah's feature 'Eteraf' (The Confession). He is also known on the small screen for Azhanse Doosti, Tavan and Capital 1. In 2004, Pejman Bazeghi rose to critical acclaim and was nominated for his performance in Ahmad Reza Darvish's feature film 'Duel'. After that, Pejman Bazeghi played in many films such as Friday's Soldiers (2004), Cafe Setareh (2006), Last Knot (2007), Lo Read More.. ose Rope (2008), Fasele (2009), Tehroun (2009), Khatere (2009), Irani Khabe Leila (2010), Nadarha (2011), Death is My Profession (2011), Be Hadaf Shelik Kon (2011). More recently, he also starred in Unripe Pomegranates (2014) and Nahid (2015).

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