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Parvin Solaymani ( پروین سلیمانی )


Parvin Solaymani ( پروین سلیمانی )


Born: June 12th 1922 in Tehran, Iran

Soleymani, Parvin (AKA Batool Soleimani-Khoo: born June 12, 1922, Tehran - died June 02, 2009, Tehran) Parvin Soleymani made her stage debut in 1944 in ‘Shahrzad, the Storyteller’. She made her first silver screen appearance in 1952 with the movie ‘Gol Nessa’ (1952). Soleymani achieved fame by appearing in ‘New Year’s Holidays’ (1991). Some of the series in which she appeared include ‘Primrose Flower’ (1991), ‘Aunt Sara’ (1992), ‘The Story of a City’ (1995), ‘Loaded Gun’ (1988-2002), ‘Lighter than Darkness’ (1999-2002) and ‘Mokhtarnameh’ (2004-2009). She also appeared in more than 76 movies, includin Read More.. g ‘Let Me Live’ (1986), ‘Lead’ (1988), ‘The Legend of Sigh’ (1990), ‘The Tenant’ (1992), ‘The Target’ (1994), ‘Soltan’ (1996), ‘The Black Eyes’ (2002) and ‘The Mouse’ (2008).


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Parvin Solaymani ( پروین سلیمانی )


Parvin Solaymani ( پروین سلیمانی )


Actor (32 credits)
Black Eyes - Cheshmane Siah - چشمان سیاه2002Watch Now
The Stuntmen - Badalkaran - بدلکاران1997
Charlotte Comes to the Market - Sharloot be Bazarche Miayad - شارلوت به بازارچه می‌آید1997
The Fox Night - Shabe Roobah - شب روباه1996
Mr. Luck - Aghaye Shans - آقای شانس1996
The Sultan - Soltan - سلطان1996Watch Now
The Target - Hadaf - هدف1994
Bon Voyage - Safar Bekheyr - سفر بخیر1994
The Last Blood - Akharin khoon - آخرین خون1994
The Actor - Honarpisheh - هنرپیشه1993
Escape - Goriz - گریز1992
Flowers and Bullets - Golha va golooleha - گل‌ها و گلوله‌ها1992
A Meeting in Istanbul - Didar dar Estanbol - دیدار در استانبول1992
The Legend Of A Sigh - Afsaneye Aah - افسانه آه1991Watch Now
What's Up? - Digeh Che Khabar - دیگه چه خبر1991Watch Now
Lucifer - Eblis - ابلیس1990
The Lost Time - Zamane Az Dast Rafteh - زمان از دست رفته1990Watch Now
Disappointment - Barahoot - برهوت1988
Beyond the Fire - Aan Souye Atash - آن‌ سوی آتش1988Watch Now
Love Nest - Ashianeye mehr - آشیانه مهر1987
Let me Live - Bogzar Zendegi Konam - بگذار زندگی کنم1986Watch Now
The Monster - Shabahe Kazhdom - شبح کژدم1986Watch Now
Beast's Chimney - Tanoureye Deev - تنور‌ دیو1986
Zaer Khalaf - زائر خلف1985
Crystal Garden - Baghe Boloor - باغ بلور1980
Die a Thousand Times - Hezar Bar Mordan - هزار بار مردن1977
Idol - Bot - بت1976
Ghazal - Ghazal - غزل1976
Friend - Rafigh - رفیق1976
Brothers in Blood - Hamkhoon - همخون1975
The Deers - Gavaznha - گوزن‌ها1974
Pashmaloo - Pashmalu - پشمالو