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Amir Reza Delavari ( امیر رضا دلاوری )


Amir Reza Delavari ( امیر رضا دلاوری )


Born in Tehran, Iran

Delavari, Amir-Reza (born August 8, 1976, Tehran) Amir-Reza Delavari began his acting career in 1994 on stage. He made his debut with an Iranian series in 1995 and his fist feature film was ‘Born Under Libra’ (1999) ‘Crime’ (2003), ‘Lover of the Scarecrow’ (2003), ‘Trouble’ (2007), and ‘Che’ (2013) are among his other movies Delavari has also acted in the series ‘Deer of the Ninth Month’ (2004), ‘A Few of Us’ (2006), ‘Awakening’ (2007) and ‘Wake Up’ (2012).


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Amir Reza Delavari ( امیر رضا دلاوری )