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Ahmad Pourmokhber (احمد پورمخبر)


Ahmad Pourmokhber (احمد پورمخبر)


Born: February 28th 1943 in Tehran, Iran

Pour-Samimi, Saeed (born February 28, 1943, Tehran) Saeed Pour-Samimi began acting in 1961 working with Parviz Pour Hosseini, and Parviz Fanizadeh in the 'Bazargah' troupe. After attending acting and directing courses at Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts and earning a BA in Theater in Rasht, he was employed by the Theater Office. He later became an employee of the IRIB Theater Unit and directed stage and television plays as well as writing a number of plays. In 1986, he acted in his first film 'Captain Khorshid'. He usually appears in supporting roles for which he has garnered much praise. He was nominated for Iran Cinema Ce Read More.. lebration awards for 'Here, a Shining Light' (2002), 'Land of the Sun' (1996), 'The Beautiful and the Hideous' (1998) and 'A Cube of Sugar' (2011). He was also nominated for Fajr International Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for 'Land of the Sun' (1996) 'The Beautiful and the Hideous' (1998), 'The Equation' (2003) and 'The Lone Trees' (2007). Pour-Samimi won three Best Actor Crystal Simorghs in Supporting Role for 'Captain Khorshid' (1986), 'The Gifts' (1987) and 'The Last Act' (1990). His other works include 'The Devoted' (1991), 'The Face' (1994), 'Under Your Protection' (1995), 'The Bride of Fire' (1999), 'Rules of the Game' (2006), 'Honeymoon' (2009) and 'Kissing the Face of the Moon' (2011).


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Ahmad Pourmokhber (احمد پورمخبر)


Ahmad Pourmokhber (احمد پورمخبر)


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