Sahar Valadbeigi
سحر ولدبیگی

Sahar Valadbeigi (سحر ولدبیگی)
  • Actor
Born June 22, 1977
Valadbeigi, Sahar (born June 22, 1977, Tehran) Sahar Valadbeigi is a graduate of the arts and trained in acting at the Free Acting Workshop. She made her debut in 1996 and appeared on the silver screen with 'Marriage in Absentia' in 2000. Valadbeigi has also appeared in 'The Entrance Exam' (2002), 'Tiptoe' (2002), 'Dotted Line' (2003-2004), 'Checkered' (2007), 'Honeymoon' (2009), 'Story of Aunt Beetle' (2009), 'The Rich and the Poor' (2010), 'Detour ' (2011), 'City of Mice' (2011), 'T ...he Colonel's Garden' (2013) and ''In Hashieh' (2014-2015).