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The Sorceress - Sahereh - ساحره

The Sorceress - Sahereh - ساحره

The Sorceress - Sahereh - ساحره
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After Rana and Bahram meet in one of Rana's performances in a play, they end up getting married. Rana realizes after a while that her husband is, in fact, suffering from a dangerous psychological disorder. Her pursuings reveal that he talks to a human-sized doll and adores it when Rana is away. Rana is determined to cure her husband and protect her family's life, so she replaces herself with the doll little by little and with patience, but the outcome is something she never expected.

مردی که همراه با مادر خود در خانه ای قدیمی زندگی می کند، به بازیگر تاتری علاقمند شده و با او ازدواج می کند. ولی کم کم شرایط غیر عادی می شود.


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