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Distraught - Shoorideh - شوریده

Distraught - Shoorideh - شوریده

When the tenacious Doctor Mahyar encounters the young woman Zarir after a failed suicide attempt, he grows determined to drag the girl back from the brink. Zarir, however, is dangerously unhinged, and as she becomes steadily fixated on her doctor, Mahyar is forced to pull out all the stops to treat her, despite his family's fear and distrust. However, soon he finds himself at the centre of a whirlwind of chaos, one which could threaten his existence as he knows it.

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دختر جوانی به نام سریر دست به خودکشی می‌زند. دکتر مهیار مروی به مداوای او می‌پردازد و سعی می‌کند تا به علل این حادثه پی ببرد که درگیر حوادث ناخواسته‌ای می‌شود