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Empty Hands - DastHaye Khali - دست‌‌های خالی

Empty Hands - DastHaye Khali - دست‌‌های خالی

Empty Hands - DastHaye Khali - دست‌‌های خالی

The true story of a man with five wives and 50 children and how he formed a village in Iran.

The story begins when the daughter of a family becomes suspicious of her mother and feels that her mother is hiding something from her. Her mom receives phone calls and the daughter feels that her mom is covering something up. She starts following her mom until she realizes that she has totally misjudged her. The truth is that her mom pays regular visits to her husband at a hospital for war veterans. He was badly injured during the Iran-Iraq war years ago. and was taken as hostage by the enemy and has recently been released. When he was released, he asked his wife not to tell their daughter anything about her father's return because he would rather his daughter saw him healthy and recuperated. Oddly enough though, they still receive unknown phone calls. The daughter is disturbed by the mysterious phone calls and is persistent to track them. She finally realizes everything. The truth is that the father of a soldier who was killed during the war is too upset at the loss of his son who was encouraged to take part in the war and fight the enemy by the daughter's father. The dead soldier's father regards the man as the main reason of his son's death and all he wants is revenge. As a revenge, the soldier's father frames the daughter for murder. The accused daughter's life is now on the verge of death by capital punishment. The daughter's father, sick with disease, tries very hard to save her daughter. He begs the soldier's father to forgive him and his daughter, but his struggles are of no avail. All the father needs now is miracle... A miracle that is soon to come...

پنهان کاری های مادر، همزمان با تلفن های مشکوک به خانه شان، دختر را به این باور می رساند که مادرش دچار انحراف شده است، اما در تعقیب او به زودی در می یابد که مادر پنهان از او به آسایشگاه به ملاقات پدر رزمنده اش می رود که به تازگی پس از سال ها اسارت، آزاد و به وطن بازگشته است امّا چون هنوز از موج گرفتگی شدید رنج می برد و احوالی طبیعی ندارد، بستری شده و به خواهش اوست که مادر، خبر بازگشتش را اطلاع نداده تا پس از بهبود نسبی، سرپا و سرحال دخترش را ملاقات کند...
اما از این پس هم، تلفن های مشکوک به پایان نمی رسد، دختر که به شدت از چنین شرایطی به تنگ آمده، درصدد شناخت مسبب این تهمت و آزار، درگیر و متهم به قتل می شود...
تلفن کننده ی مزاحم، از آنجا که مرد رزمنده را مسبب مرگ تنها فرزندش در جذب به جبهه و جنگ می داند، به قصد انتقامجویی، با صحنه سازی دختر را متهم به قتل کرده است...
رزمنده ی آزاده، به رغم احوال پریشان و بیمارش، همه ی سعی اش را برای نجات دخترش به کار می گیرد، اما پدر مقتول به هیچ وجه حاضر نیست از خون فرزندش بگذرد و خواستار قصاص است... حالا نجات دختر فقط به یک معجزه نیاز دارد و چنین می شود...