Soozan (سوزان)
  • Actor
Soozan has been a Actor in some movies:
January Night Adventure is about that The story takes place during the January night celebration in a Muslim family. The young son of the family brings a girl to the party, but the servant prevents his master's son from approaching the girl. In this film Soozan collaborates with Parviz Shahinkhou, ... Valiollah Khakdan, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Habibollah Morad, Majid Shahbaz, Mohsen Arasteh, Giti Forouhar, Shokrollah Rafii, Taghi Zohuri, Sanan Kiani, Mahasti, Anooshiravan Roohani, Lili Rezvani, Ahdieh Badiee, Leila Baharan, Mehran Sadri, Nosratollah Vahdat, Babak, Soraya Bekiasa, Ramesh, Afsoon, Jahangir Ghafari, Shila, Ali Delpazir, Hakoop Giorgis
Goodbye Little One is about that A famous singer neglects to pay attention to his only child Ali due to his busy schedule. the singer's driver is the only one who pays attention to Ali in his mother's absence and takes him out for fun. In this film Soozan collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Asghar Bichareh, Iraj Sadeghpour, Rubik Mansouri, Mohammad Mohamadi, Reza Aghili, Bahram Vatanparast, Morteza Aghili, Parviz Hejazi, Davoud Arab, Rahim Roshanian, Shahram Saminipoor, Ahdieh Badiee, Parvin Kheirbakhsh, Mehdi Amir Ghasem Khani
I Love You is about that Two brothers named Houshang and Manouchehr go to propose to two sisters. But the girl's father is against their marriage. Once again, Houshang as an English teacher and Manouchehr as a dance teacher go to their house with a disguised look... In this film Soozan collaborates with Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Hossein Amirfazli, Majid Mehrjoo, Mohammad Abdi, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Esmaeel Koushan, Fariba Khatami, Parviz Ashtari, Rashid Moradi, Bita Moosazade
Dokhtar Nago, Bala Bego is about that A wealthy young man named Farhad is trying to marry a dancer named Setareh, But Farhad's father is opposed to the two and asks Maryam and her friends to seduce Farhad to keep Setareh away from her son. In this film Soozan collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, Hassan Rezaei, Hossein Maleki, Dariush Azizi, Ali Zahedi, Arsham Ghahremaniyan, Ali Akbar Mahdavifar, Jamshid Sheibani, Peiman, Parviz Khatibi, Mahmoud Tehrani, Simin Ghaffari, Mohammad Haghdel, Khashayar
Soozan has been a Music in some movies:
Mountain Girl is about that Granmayeh, the lord of the village, is a kind old man who is waiting for engineer Kamran to come to the village. With the arrival of the engineer and until the building of his house is ready, he will live in Kodkhoda's house. Kodkhoda's daughter, Narges, is interested in engineer Kamran; But the engineer gradually falls in love with Nahid, an expensive girl. When Naheed sees the extent of Narges' interest in Kamran and Narges saves her from falling into the swamp with self-sacrifice, Narges pretends to be discouraged by Kamran and does not agree to marry her. Kamran insists on his proposal, until one day he throws his narcissus in front of a cart that is in Kamran's path, and saves his life. Kamran goes over Narges' head, in her sick bed, and proposes marriage to her. In this film Soozan collaborates with Gholamhossein Naghshineh, Iraj Safdari, Manouchehr Sadeghpoor, Ahmad Shamlou, Abdollah Mohammadi, Varoozh Karapetian, Abbas Montajem Shirazi, Mohammad Ali Jafari, Soraya Bekiasa, Mehdi Amir Ghasem Khani, Zhale, Beheshte, Sonia, Zareh
Two Charismatic Gentlemen is about that Reza lives with his mother, sister and little brother. He suffers from a severe headache, and the doctor's diagnosis is a brain tumor. Meanwhile, Mr. Maleki is killed. The brother of the murdered man sets a reward of two hundred thousand tomans for the finder of the murderer. Reza, who thinks he will die in two months, introduces himself as a murderer with the cooperation of Gol Agha, his sister's husband, who is a constable so that after his death, Gol Agha will hand over the determined award to his brother, sister, and mother to give In this film Soozan collaborates with Hamideh Kheirabadi, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Yadi, Rafi Madadkar, Saeed Rad, Abbas Mokhtari, Ali Akbar Toofan Panah, Tooraj Poor Morovvat, Ali Miri, Saeed Motalebi, Amir Shervan, Reza Baniahmad, Rahim Roshanian, Goli Zanganeh, Mohammad Gilani, Reza Sheibani, Galost Goorkian, Ali Banki, Ameneh
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