Mohammad Salimi
محمد سلیمی

Mohammad Salimi (محمد سلیمی)
  • Actor
Mohammad Salimi has been a Actor in some movies:
Sunray is about that Three centuries ago, a normal day is sent into chaos when a mysterious black horse, dragging the dead body of an old man, interrupts a bunch of nomad children playing around a firepit. The terrifying discovery sends reverberations around the area, triggering a fierceful tide of s... In this film Mohammad Salimi collaborates with Homa Rusta, ... Jahangir Forouhar, Shahla Riahi, Dariush Arjmand, Iraj Raminfar, Mohammad Saleh Ala, Bahman Ardalan, Fariborz Lachini, Mohammadhossein Farahbakhsh, Abdollah Alikhani, Majid Javanmard, Mehdi Rajaian, Ahmad Hashemi, Changiz Vosooghi, Yadollah Shahidi, Reza Ashtiani, Dariush Babaeian, Parviz Shokri, Nosratollah Kani, Hamid Ghadakchian, Gita Shokri, Anahita Ghazi Bayat
Ocean Behind the Window is about that In a small and remote island, people live under hardship. Borhan is an adolescent who has made an interesting decision to help his family and to introduce the island. He collects a group, holds a carnival, and performs traditional music and theatre for tourists. Their life on the island boost and more tourists come. But there is a big problem in their way. In this film Mohammad Salimi collaborates with Hossein Ghourchian, Babak Nabi Zadeh, Jafar Alian, Hamid Mehr Afrouz, Bahram Komijani, Mehran Mozafari, Majid Ali Eslam‌, Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Mahmoud Gholami, Dariush Salehian, Mohammad Azadi, Farhad Nasr, Jalal Chavoshian, Hadise Karami, Hasan Irani, Mohammad Sadra Sotoudeh Nejad, Hossein Ghanbri, Mohammad Ali Ghavidel, Ayoub Rahimi, Hasan Zakeri, Gholam Ranjbar, Jafar Ghasemi
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