Changiz Vosooghi
چنگیز وثوقی

Changiz Vosooghi (چنگیز وثوقی)
  • Actor
Vosouqi, Changiz (born 1947, Shahreza) Changiz Vosouqi began his acting career in 1972 with a short role in Masoud Kimiaee’s ‘Balouch’. Since then, he has appeared in several movies, including ‘A Warm Day’ (1984), ‘Avicenna’ (1987), ‘The Sun Blade’ (1990), ‘A Chance To Live’ (1991), ‘Stunt’ (1993), ‘An Incident In Kandovan’ (1995), and ‘The Lines and the Shadows’ (1998). Some of his movies during 2000-2010 also include ‘Good Night Stranger’ (2001), ‘G ...irl In A Cage’ (2002), ‘Abraham, Friend Of Allah’ (2005), ‘The Bodyguard’ (2007)’ and ‘Chubby’ (2010).