Manoochehr Goodarzi
منوچهر گودرزی

Manoochehr Goodarzi (منوچهر گودرزی)
  • Music
Manoochehr Goodarzi has been a Music in some movies:
The Pretty Pickpocket is about that A rich man opposes his son's marriage to his favourite girl, but the boy marries the girl despite his father's wishes and is rejected by the family... In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Yadi, Hassan Rezaei, ... Asadollah Yekta, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Mohsen Arasteh, Ali Miri, Mohsen Mahdavi, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Habibollah kasmai, Lili Rezvani, Peiman, Ali Saadeghi, Reza Safaei, Mansour Sepehrnia, Jamal Mojtahedi, Mojgan, Gholamreza Sarkoob
A Man and a City is about that Ahmad is a driver whose mental tensions every time cause him to be hospitalized. He escapes and hides in the house of a nurse Zhale but they capture him. Ahmad escapes once again and takes a bus full of students as hostages. But the police are to the rescue. In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Behrouz Vossoughi, Nematollah Gorji, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Rubik Mansouri, Reza Abdi, Mohammad Varshochi, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Giti Forouhar, Amir Shervan, Natail Zvuloni, Arman, Shahla Safi Zamir, Ramesh, Parviz Jafari, Faramarz Mahmoodi, Parviz Monfared
Tunnel is about that A greedy woman marries a rich old man and then kills the old man with the cooperation of her driver and then tries to get the young husband of the old man's daughter. The young man drives her away and the woman, who is suffering from the torment of conscience, falls and passes away in a critical state after a long journey while passing through a tunnel in the valley. In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Dariush Asadzadeh, Parvin Ghaffari, Kamal Motii, Aziz Asli, Ahdieh Badiee, Nader Ghane, Simin Ghaffari, Mohammad Karim Arbab, Mostafa Tajik, Hossein Edalat
Sunray is about that Hojjat is a policeman and his brother Mansour is a smuggler. Mansour goes to prison and after his release, he promises Hojjat that he will not commit any crime again, but... In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Hamideh Kheirabadi, Ahmad Ahmadpoor, Rubik Mansouri, Rafi Madadkar, Saeed Rad, Mohammad Taghi Shokrayi, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Amir Shervan, Rahim Roshanian, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Farhad Hamidi, Ahdieh Badiee, Yadollah Shirandami‌, Nouri Kasrai, Ali Dehghan, Ramesh, Mohammad Farzin, Ali Banki
Bride Price is about that Rahim (Bahman Mofid) is after Seyf to get revenge on him for what he has done to his fiance Golbanoo (Pouri Banai) years ago. On the other hand, Seyf is want to marry Hourie and is putting her father under pressure for that. Meanwhile, another guy Amir wants her for himself but Seyf is in the middle. Rahim intervenes helping Amir against Seyf to marry the girl. In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Bahman Mofid, Mehri Vadadian, Kamran Bakhtar, Pouri Banayi‌, Fereydoun Gole, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Iran Daftari, Faramarz Rasooli, Varoozh Karapetian, Hadi Moghaddam, Kamal Motii, Iran Ghaderi, Ahdieh Badiee, Mohammad Gilani, Manoochehr Tayefeh, Robert Ekhart, Changiz, Shahab Moghadam, Gholamreza Sarkoob
The Star of the Seven Heavens is about that Two young men, led by a criminal man, are forced to commit robbery, and during an accident, they encounter a man who is disappointed and frustrated with life, who intends to commit suicide. In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, Jahangir Forouhar, Malihe Nikjumand, Yadi, Hassan Rezaei, Asghar Bichareh, Valiollah Khakdan, Hooshang Beheshti, Hossein Khajeh Amiri, Ezzatolah Moghbeli, Ali Miri, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Homayoon, Faegheh Atashin, Hamid Mojtahedi, Ahdieh Badiee, Shahla, Homayoun Khoram, Parvin Kheirbakhsh, Hossein Madani
Rainbow is about that A mother who has been rejected by her daughter finds herself with the help of a young driver and after a while she meets a middle-aged man and marries him.... In this film Manoochehr Goodarzi collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, Hossein Maleki, Hossein Shahab, Hossein Khajeh Amiri, Ezzatolah Vosoogh, Mohsen Arasteh, Faramarz Rasooli, Varoozh Karapetian, Koopal Meshkat, Hamid Ghanbari, Vajesta -, Mohammadreza Fazeli, Esmaeel Poursaeed, Esmaeel Shirazi, Mansour Sepehrnia, GholamReza Mojaveri, Minoo, Monire Nejati, Soodabe, Naser Majd Bigdeli, Ghobadi, Ali Tabrizii, Shaban Shahri, Ali Babakhani, Noori, Nik Varz
Other films are:
Golden Heel, Fruit of Sin, The Man, Men of the Time, Mother, I Love You, The Lover, Nigger, The Prize, Wedding Rings, The Blind Cat, Sorrows and Joys, Whirl Wind of Life, Human Scream, A World Full of Hope, Clowns, See You, Well Done Indeed Bro, Bride of Bianca, Ali Bi Gham
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