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Rozita Ghaffari ( رزیتا غفاری )


Rozita Ghaffari ( رزیتا غفاری )


Rozita Ghaffari ( رزیتا غفاری ) was born in Tehran and has a BA in Directing. She began her career as a script supervisor and assistant director. She began acting with the drama Sheltered by You. She has offered brilliant performances in Hemlock, Molla Sadra and Tabriz in Fog. She is a member of the Iranian ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) and has made a number of animation films so far. She lived in Canada for a few years where she participated in cinema, theater and television courses. She works as a Scenic Designer and Makeup Supervisor and is also a ski instructor.


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Rozita Ghaffari ( رزیتا غفاری )