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Mohammad Reza Foroutan (محمدرضا فروتن)


Mohammad Reza Foroutan (محمدرضا فروتن)


Born: December 28th 1968 in Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Reza Foroutan ( محمدرضا فروتن ) is an Iranian actor who was born on 28 December 1968 in Tehran. Foroutan graduated in Clinical Psychology from the Azad University and participated in free courses in acting. Winner of the Crystal Simorgh, Mohammadreza Foroutan became prevalent after staring in Mercedes (1998). Since then his dynamic acting ability has landed him many roles including Du Zan (1999) and The Night Bus (2007). Mohammad Reza Foroutan's ability to perform the roles of an isolated youth, in his earlier career, led to his taking on roles as a quarrelsome and nervous man.


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Mohammad Reza Foroutan (محمدرضا فروتن)


Mohammad Reza Foroutan (محمدرضا فروتن)


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