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Changiz Vosooghi ( چنگیز وثوقی )


Changiz Vosooghi ( چنگیز وثوقی )


Born in Shahreza, Iran

Vosouqi, Changiz (born 1947, Shahreza) Changiz Vosouqi began his acting career in 1972 with a short role in Masoud Kimiaee’s ‘Balouch’. Since then, he has appeared in several movies, including ‘A Warm Day’ (1984), ‘Avicenna’ (1987), ‘The Sun Blade’ (1990), ‘A Chance To Live’ (1991), ‘Stunt’ (1993), ‘An Incident In Kandovan’ (1995), and ‘The Lines and the Shadows’ (1998). Some of his movies during 2000-2010 also include ‘Good Night Stranger’ (2001), ‘Girl In A Cage’ (2002), ‘Abraham, Friend Of Allah’ (2005), ‘The Bodyguard’ (2007)’ and ‘Chubby’ (2010).


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Changiz Vosooghi ( چنگیز وثوقی )


Changiz Vosooghi ( چنگیز وثوقی )


Actor (29 credits)
Sheikh Bahaei Beloved - Janan - جانان2018
Sheikh Bahaei Lovelance - Eshghoolance - عشقولانس2017Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Bodyguard - Mohafez - محافظ2007Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Girl in the Cage - Dokhtari Dar Ghafas - دختری در قفس2002
Sheikh Bahaei The Lucky Bride - Arouse Khosh Ghadam - عروس خوش‌قدم2002Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Goodnight Stranger - Shab Bekheir Gharibeh - شب بخیر غریبه2001
Sheikh Bahaei Aypara - Aypara - آی پارا1999
Sheikh Bahaei Just One Step to Death - Yek Ghadam Ta Marg - یک قدم تا مرگ 1999
Sheikh Bahaei Artery - Shahrag - شاهرگ1997Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Incident in Kandovan - Hadese Dar Kandovan - حادثه در کندوان1996
Sheikh Bahaei The Professional - Herfei - حرفه‌ای1996
Sheikh Bahaei The Target - Hadaf - هدف1994
Sheikh Bahaei The Big Struggle - Jedale Bozorg - جدال بزرگ1992
Sheikh Bahaei Flowers and Bullets - Golha va golooleha - گل‌ها و گلوله‌ها1992
Sheikh Bahaei The Song of Tehran - Avaze Tehran - آواز تهران1991Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Chance of Life - Shanse Zendegi - شانس زندگی1991Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Love and Death - Eshgh va marg - عشق و مرگ1990
Sheikh Bahaei Avicenna - BouAli Sina - بوعلی سینا1987
Sheikh Bahaei A Hot Day - Yek Rooze Garm - یک روز گرم1985
Sheikh Bahaei The Night Breaker - Shab Shekan - شب شکن1984Watch Now
Sheikh Bahaei To the Last Breath - Ta Akharin Nafas - تا آخرین نفس1978
Sheikh Bahaei Three Person on line - Se Nafar rooye Khat - سه نفر روی خط1976
Sheikh Bahaei Nazanin - Nazanin - نازنین1976
Sheikh Bahaei Eyes Closed - Cheshmane Baste - چشمان بسته1975
Sheikh Bahaei Balooch - Balooch - بلوچ1972
Avicenna Avicenna - Bou Ali Sina - بوعلی سیناWatch Now
The Years of ConstituThe Years of Constitution - Salhaye Mashrooteh - سال‌های مشروطهWatch Now
Sarbedaran Sarbedaran - سربدارانWatch Now
Sheikh Bahaei Sheikh Bahaei - شیخ بهاییWatch Now