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The Evil Call - Tamase Sheytani - تماس شیطانی


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The Evil Call - Tamase Sheytani - تماس شیطانی

The Evil Call - Tamase Sheytani - تماس شیطانی

During the era in which Iran was occupied by the allies, Katherine, the Russian actress of the Atlas Theater is about to expel a mysterious package from Iran. But she is killed through an event. Otoofati, the owner of the theater who's an advocate of the British government is trying to obtain the mysterious package which is now in the hands of Vesali, the manager of the theater. Eventually, in the final struggle, Otoofati and his companions get the package. But finally , Vesali who's the advocate of neither Britain nor Germany, gains, and during these struggles, he finds love as well.

در سال 1320، در موقع اشغال ایران توسط ارتش متفقین، یك بازیگر روسی به نام كاترین در تماشا خانه ی اطلس كشته می شود و مأموران پس از بازرسی مقدماتی از پیگیری ماجرا امتناع می كنند. وصالی، كارگردان تماشاخانه، تصمیم دارد موضوع را دنبال كند.


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