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Ekbatan - Ekbatan - اکباتان

Ekbatan - Ekbatan - اکباتان

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Ekbatan - Ekbatan - اکباتان

Absorbing social street drama by Mehrshad Karkhani, which is freely adapted from the 1971 Jalal Moghadam film "Escape from the Trap." When Alborz gets out of prison, he goes off in search of a peaceful life in the city. Yet living within the high walls of the Ekbatan Apartment Complex in West Tehran, he can’t seem to find it. Soon enough he finds himself caught up in new criminal activities, and must face a deadly situation before he can be free of them.

A man is released from prison seeking peace in the city. The tall walls of Ekbatan complex act as the border between life and death for him.

مردي از زندان بيرون مي‌آيد، در جستجوي آرامش در شهر مي‌گردد. ديوارهاي بلند اكباتان براي او فاصله اي بين مرگ و زندگي است...