Roya Sharif
رویا شریف

Roya Sharif (رویا شریف)
  • Producer
  • Actor
Roya Sharif is an up-and-coming producer who has blasted onto the scene with her film feature film Ekbatan (2012). As these are the early stages of her career, she is definitely one to watch from now on. Roya Sharif has been a Producer in some movies:
We Are So Cool is about that The story of two young friends who are aspiring actors and singers come to Tehran to fulfill their dreams and begin an incredible journey full of adventures. In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Behnoosh Bakhtiari, ... Mehran Rajabi, Niousha Zeighami, Khashayar Rad, Bijan Banafshe Khah, Hossein Abolsedgh, Pouria Heidari, Majid Salehi, Maryam Amir Jalali, Mehran Ghafoorian, Shahin Yarmohammadi, Mohsen Gholami, Seyyed Mohsen Jahed, Saghi Zinati, Zahra Samadi Farhang, Bahman Goodarzi, Omid Golzadeh, Ali Masoudi, Yazdan Fotouhi, Leila Khoshkenar, Mohammad Shakeri, Khosro Keyvanmehr, Behshad Mokhtari
Ekbatan is about that Absorbing social street drama by Mehrshad Karkhani, which is freely adapted from the 1971 Jalal Moghadam film "Escape from the Trap." When Alborz gets out of prison, he goes off in search of a peaceful life in the city. Yet living within the high walls of the Ekbatan Apartment Complex in West Tehran, he can’t seem to find it. Soon enough he finds himself caught up in new criminal activities, and must face a deadly situation before he can be free of them. In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Davood Rashidi, Sahar Ghoreishi, Pourandokht Mahiman, Sorush Sehhat, Shahed Ahmadloo, Mehrshad Karkhani, Hassan Ayoubi, Sattar Oraki, Mazdak Mirabedini, Ali Ebrahimi, Mahin Navidi, Alireza Alavian, Seyyed Mohsen Jahed, Mani Heydari, Alireza Ghaffari Nejad, Ali Hamid Nejad
In the Specified Time is about that Meysam, a young aspiring writer, is working on a book about the problems faced by young people in contemporary Iranian society. Near the top of the list is the issue sexual desire and frustration: how to wait until marriage? The controversial legal loophole of temporary marriage comes up as a solution, but in his often comical journey of research, Meysam explores whether it is really ideal. A rare attempt at shining at comical light on some often ignored aspects of modern Iran. In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Akbar Abdi, Houman Seyyedi, Shohreh Ghamar, Vishka Asayesh, Javad Ezati, Gohar Kheirandish, Mehdi Faghih, Alireza Oosivand, Ali Soleimani, Farrokh Fadaee, Hassan Ayoubi, Aria Aziminejad, Hossein Abolsedgh, Majid Shahryari, Seyyed Mohsen Jahed, Salman Farkhondeh, Shahram Khalaj, Saba Gorginpour‌, Vahid Amirkhani, Mehdi Alimirzaie, Navid Farahmarzi, Toofan Mehrdadian, Leila Khoshkenar
Roya Sharif has been a Actor in some movies:
Lost Paradise is about that Jesus embarks on a journey into an adventurous tale to find the way to Aida... In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Afsaneh Pakroo, Faramarz Gharibian, Nayereh Farahani, Afshin Hashemi, Farrokh Fadaee, Ashkan Ashkani, Sepideh Abdolvahab, Hossein Ghourchian, Kaveh Khoda Shenas, Mohammad Mehdi Ahadi, Mohsen Babaei, Hamid Reza Salimi, Omid Raeisdana, Farid Pirayesh, Abtin Barghi, Sara Ahani, Hamid Salimian, Mehrdad Jelokhani, Mohammad Sadegh Azin, Omid Golzadeh, Matin Sotudeh, Hasan Asadi, Mohammadhadi Ghomeyshi, Mohammad Hossein Khorsandi, Reyhaneh Shahramifar, Yashar Soleimani, Shakiba Farmani
The Single 40 Years old is about that A 40-year-old doctor who is finding it difficult to find the right match and she faces challenges that changes her opinion... In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Borzoo Arjmand, Pourandokht Mahiman, Mahaya Petrossian, Sirous Gorjestani, Amir Noori, Sahar Valadbeigi, Shabnam Orfinejad, Naser Cheshmazar, Hossein Ghazanfari, Mehri Shirazi, Ghorban Mohammadpour, Majid Salehi, Mehran Ghafoorian, Danial Ebadi, Seyyed Mohsen Jahed, Shahin Babapoor, Zoya Emami‌, Fatemeh Pashaei, Leila Khoshkenar, Khosro Keyvanmehr
The Operation of Kindergarten is about that Some children decide to keep their parents at home with the assistance of an angel so they can play with them. In this film Roya Sharif collaborates with Akbar Abdi, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Shamsi Fazlollahi, Sorush Sehhat, Narges Mohammadi, Alireza Khamse, Hassan Ayoubi, Naser Cheshmazar, Shabnam Farshadjoo, Leila Bolookat, Hesam Navab Safavi, Maryam Saadat, Farzad Hassani, Behrouz Moavenian, Mahin Navidi, Majid Shahryari, Kimia Hosseini, Farzad Ajdari, Ilia Majidi, Yas Norouzi, Daniela Abou-Taleb, Seyyed Mohsen Jahed, Sahar Gooran, Ali Eskandari, Majid Yousefi, Leila Khoshkenar, Jacqueline Avareh, Mobina Atashi
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