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Catch Me If You Can - Age Mitooni Mano Begir - اگه میتونی منو بگیر

Catch Me If You Can - Age Mitooni Mano Begir - اگه میتونی منو بگیر

With the patriarch of the Valaghooz family fast approaching death, a clause is written into the will instructing his son to get married as soon as possible. Tradition however makes finding a bride far more difficult than first imagined. Now the Valaghooz clan is in disarray, and everyone must pull their weight to keep it on track in this tongue-in-cheek family comedy from Shahed Ahmadloo.

بزرگ خاندان ولاقوز هنگام مرگ به پسر خود وصيت مي كند زن بگيرد، ولي طبق سنت خانواده...

An affluent old man, feeling that his death is close, makes his will to his elder son. First, considering their family’s tradition, he asks his son to choose a wife for his younger brother, then, they are supposed to divide the rest of the father’s fortune equally between themselves. Also, he emphasizes that in the case of not fulfilling his will, he would not be able to rest in peace! The father passes away. The elder son chooses three wives for his brother. However, being tempted by the idea of raising his share, the elder son tries to use those three women and to remove his brother out of his way. As he is carrying out his plans, everything becomes disturbed and disorganized so that he is no longer capable of avoiding the occurrence of some sudden, ridiculous and strange events.

پیرمرد ثروتمند که احساس می کند عمرش عنقریب به پایان خواهد رسید، به پسر بزرگش وصیت می کند که اولاً مطابق سنت خانواده، برای برادر کوچکترش همسری انتخاب کرده و سپس باقیمانده ی ثروتش را به نسبت مساوی بین خود و برادرش تقسیم کند و سپس تأکید می نماید، چنانچه او به وصیتش به درستی عمل نکند، دست او از دنیا کوتاه نخواهد شد!... پدر می میرد، پسر بزرگتر سه همسر برای برادرش انتخاب می کند، امّا در وسوسه ی کسب دارایی بیشتر، با طرح نقشه ای، سعی می کند که از طریق سه همسر برادرش، او را از میان بردارد، امّا تداخل و آشفتگی در اجرای نقشه هایش، همه چیز را بهم می ریزد طوری که خود نیز قادر نیست مانع بروز حوادث غیرمنتظره، مضحک و عجیب شود !!