Brick Made Boys - Pesarane Ajori - پسران آجری


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Brick Made Boys - Pesarane Ajori - پسران آجری

Brick Made Boys - Pesarane Ajori - پسران آجری

Omid, Safa, and Mohsen, are abandoned and grow up in an orphanage, without ever receiving any sort of affection, but their past prevents them from becoming determined and strong-willed. When Omid meets a girl named Mahoor, he does not worry about his past, and decides to marry her when he realizes she also loves him. However, Mahoor's father, who is obsessed with traditions and ancestry, does not wish his daughter to marry a boy who was raised in an orphanage, and he had already promised her to an engineer who lives in Canada. Omid does not give up, and Safa who sees this as a possible future for himself as well, helps him, and Omid is finally able to create the family he never had...

امید و محسن و صفا پسران سرراهی هستند كه در محله ای به نام آجری و با حمایت آقای اتابكی بزرگ شده اند. امید به ماهور، دختری كه به او درس زبان فرانسه می داد، دل می بازد...


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