Reza Shadman
رضا شادمان

Reza Shadman (رضا شادمان)
  • Actor
Reza Shadman has been a Actor in some movies:
Parental Farm is about that Mahmoud Shokatian is invited by a group of students to talk about his latest book entitled 'The Father's Farm' and also to give a speech regarding the war literature. His wife and two children accompany him. During the war, he was once in Dezfoul while he has lost his wife and two children, and since then they are always with him, particularly when he reviews his memories of war.He reviews- a mission in which some of his relatives and friends were killed but they eventually succeeded in such an important and critical mission. When remembering the mission, Mahmoud always thinks about his wife and two children. In this film Reza Shadman collaborates with Ateneh Faghih Nasiri, ... Ghorban Najafi, Babak Hamidian, Mehdi Ahmadi, Jamshid Hashempour, Ghasem Zare, Rasoul Mollagholipour, Habibollah Kasehsaz, Tima Amiri, Mehran Malakooti, Bahram Dehghan, Rasoul Ahadi, Peyman Yazdanian, Alireza Parvinfar, Jalal Moayerian, Gashtasb Ariana, Razi Amiri, Hassan Abbasi, Farzin Mohades, Hadi Hejazifar, Ali Eskandari, Sirus Hemati, Jamshid Khandan, Mohammad Afravi, Fatemeh Amiri, Sadegh Hadadi
Toadstool is about that Doman Ghaemi, a former commander in the Iran-Iraq war, is now the director of a construction company. Sometimes he remembers some illusory memories from war, during which the values of those years come to his mind. These values are in conflict with his current society and situation. Soleyman, his friend of war years, who now stays in a mental hospital, makes an emphasis on his values by entering the life of Doman again. At the meantime, Doman happens to meet a girl called Bita. Bita who has no interest in his fiance, finds Doman as an ideal man who was a lost piece in her life. Doman resists to accept the current circumstances and has some conflicts with the shareholders of the company. As a result, they collapse his private life and his wife Alma, and makes him arrested by conspiracy and plot. Doman gets addicted in prison by his cellmates and his physical and mental situation deteriorates while his enemies are freely tricking people in the company. After he is released from prison, Doman participates in Bita's wedding ceremony as a witness of their marriage and then goes to his friend asking his help to perish those who has plotted for him. Doman and Soleyman kill two men of the shareholders in a struggle, before getting killed themselves. In this film Reza Shadman collaborates with Ateneh Faghih Nasiri, Mitra Hajjar, Amir Jafari, Roya Teymourian, Jamshid Hashempour, Farhad Ghaemian, Rasoul Mollagholipour, Anoushirvan Arjmand, Ali Soleimani, Abdolreza Zohreh Kermani, Touraj Mansouri, Eshagh Khanzadi, Naser Cheshmazar, Bahram Dehghan, Iraj Shahzadi, Jalal Moayerian, Ali Fadakar, Ardeshir Kazemi, Morteza Zare, Babak Borzooyeh, Akbar Honarmand, Farhad Khanmohammadi, Hassan Abbasi, Ali Farhadi, Ali Mollagholipoor, Mohsen Panahi, Mohammad Mosavinejad, Arash Nozari, Shirin Izadi, Ahmad Abdollahian, Faraj Molayi, Simon Simonian, Faramarz Roshanayi, Ayda Tebyanian, Reza Shad, Amir Dehnavi, Farhad Mashayekhi, Samira Moslemi, Shahab Teymoorian
The Last One Who Saw MR.Kaf Alef is about that A few months after the suspicious death of the aloof and isolated writer K.A., someone comes to the small town where the author lived to find out the secret about his death. In this film Reza Shadman collaborates with Amir Shahab Razavian, Abbas Yousefshahi, Ebrahim Saeedi, Saeed Salehi, Ali Bagheri, Fatemeh Fakhraei, Ali Borji, Ali Delgosha, Nava Rezvani, Tooka Pardas, Reza Chavoshi, Behzad Davari Dolatabadi
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