Maryam Moghadam
مریم مقدم

Maryam Moghadam (مریم مقدم)
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Writer
Maryam Moghadam has been a Director in some movies:
My Favorite Cake. In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Lili Farhadpour, Gholamreza Mousavi, Esmaeel Mehrabi, Behtash Sanaeeha< />Maryam Moghadam has been a Actor in some movies:
The Legend of Love is about that When Horam's hometown is hit heavily by recent fighting, he quits his studies as a medical student and goes back to volunteer in a clinic. Yet this noble deed means leaving behind Khazar, a woman who loves Horam deeply. Bringing with her a tape of his music to remind her of him, she sets out to find Horam. Along the way, she is befriended by Kurdish nomads who have much to teach her about life and love. But will Khazar and Horam be reunited in this touching story of romantic longing? In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Parivash Nazarieh, Khosrow Shahraz, Hawass Palouk, Farhad Mehranfar, Mohammad Reza Sarhangi, Farrokh Fadaee, Nader Masoumi, Shahrzad Pouya, Mohammad Rezaei Rad, Sheila Farzad Hashemi, Alireza Kohan Deiri‌, Yousef Moradian, Ebrahim Sadollahi, Hadi Ziaodini, Astieh Fathi, Hana Moradi, Sara Ghaffari, Vida Rezaei, Atefeh Afshin Mehr, Kamal Shafiei, Tofigh Ahmadi, Mehdi Khalilzadeh, Askeh Sarhaddi, Leila Fakoorian, Fariba Fakoorian, Mozhgan Attaei, Chenoor Tak Tazan, Mohayedin elah Moradi, Gholam Moradi, Mahmoud Tashakori, Raouf Khosravi
White Cow Hats is about that Mina's life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband was innocent of the crime for which he was executed, so she starts a silent battle against a cynical system for her own and her daughter's sake. In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Lili Farhadpour, Gholamreza Mousavi, Amin Jafari, Hossein Ghourchian, Atoosa Ghalamfarsaei, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Soodeh Azghandi, Behtash Sanaeeha, Alireza Sanifar, Abdolreza Heidari, Kamran Khalaj, Mohammad Heidari, Farid Ghobadi, Somayeh Borji, Amir Shariat, Ebrahim Galedarzade, Mahoor Ahmadi
Risk of Acid Rain is about that An elderly bachelor is struggling to adapt to a life of retirement, and still occasionally shows up at the cigarette factory he worked at for 30 years. The old man smokes marijuana every day. He longs to escape his mundane small-town existence. An unfortunate event leads to his travel to Tehran. Here, he meets two intriguing characters. The three soon bond and become somewhat unlikely trio. Subtle humor characterizes Behtash Sanaeeha’s wonderfully balanced directorial debut. In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Iraj Raminfar, Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Hossein Ghourchian, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Elaheh Bakhshi, Parvin Maleki, Samira Baradari, Rouhollah Baradari, Behtash Sanaeeha, Shams Langeroodi, Arsalan Abdollahi, Henrik Nagi, Habib Pourseyfi, Isa Hosseini, Abdolreza Heidari, Kamran Khalaj, Somayeh Jafari
Confrontation is about that Objects live longer than humans. Two knives meet each other after nearly a hundred years. They change destinies. This confrontation might go on or it might finish right here in our story. In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Niousha Zeighami, Setareh Eskandari, Hamidreza Pegah, Hutan Mokri, Saeed Ebrahimifar, Mehran Malakooti, Mohammad Reza Sokoot, Saeed Shahram, Adel Yaraghi, Ardeshir Kazemi, Mahmood Moosavinejad, Shiva Rashidian, Iraj Taghipoor, Pantea Panahiha, Hossein Cheraghchi, Jorge Luis Borges, Arash Asefi, Hamid Mahin Doost
Termite is about that After seven years of marriage, acompulsory journey to the north of Iran changes Maryam's and Peyman's life path. The director strives to remove the appearing obstacles and to end the movie as he wants, but... In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Gholamreza Mousavi, Mohammad Haddadi, Hossein Ghourchian, Hamid Najafirad, Arash Entezami, Siavash Cheraghipour, Soodeh Azghandi, Behtash Sanaeeha, Masoud Hatami, Nahal Dashti, Pasha Jamali, Ali Alavi
Leaf of Life is about that A film director is unenthusiastically making a documentary film about Saffron in a little town. He is also trying to purchase a house in Tehran through his producer. Property prices are rising and he is worried about it. Then, his producer informs him that he has bought an apartment for him. At the same time he is notified about something that forces him to travel to Tehran. Then, he travels back to the filmmaking location and tries to make a memorable film, but … In this film Maryam Moghadam collaborates with Saeed Poursamimi, Mehdi Ahmadi, Ebrahim Mokhtari, Amir Hossein Ghasemii, Sahar Salahshoor, Behzad Abdi, Asghar Nejad-Imani, Majid Gorjian, Hossein Bashash, Mahmoud Dehghani, Meysam Molaee, Mohammad Reza Farzad, Sajjad Tabesh, Somayeh Jafari
Other films are:
Closed Curtain, Stroke, Cinema is Cinema, The Invincible Diplomacy of Mr Naderi
Trying to get Pregnant
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