Asghar Omidvar Khorram
اصغر امیدوارخرم

Asghar Omidvar Khorram (اصغر امیدوارخرم)
  • Actor
Asghar Omidvar Khorram has been a Actor in some movies:
‏Fox Trap‏ is about that An intelligence officer who is wounded in the war gets involved in a new mission related to a bomb on the eve of his daughter's retirement and marriage. In this new mission, he learns that he is too old for such missions... In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, ... Majid Moshiri, Bita Baadraan, Mahmoud Pakniat, Reza Rooygari, Seyyed Ebrahim Bahrololoumi, Mehri Mehrnia, Nezamoddin Kiaie, Habib Bakhtiyari, Sahab Zaribaf, Farhad Maafi, Fardad Safakhoo, Alireza Eshaghi, Ramtin Roozbehan, Parisa Baderan, Mohsen Afshar, Vahid Ghotbi, Soodabe Khosravi
The Ranger is about that After an intense battle in an Iraqi forest, Iranian soldier Morteza surrenders to the enemy. Dubious about the quality of care he will receive from his captors, his worst fears are realised when the commander of the Iraqi battalion, Sami Jaber, orders for him to be transferred to a deserted camp, one not listed under the supervision of the Red Cross. Kept in terrible conditions, faced on all sides by the cruelty of men, Morteza struggles not to lose track of who he is and what he is fighting for. In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Jamshid Hashempour, Mohammad Reza Takhtkeshian, Behzad Behzadpoor, Ali Boorian, Mahmood Liaghat, Ahmad Rad, Farrokh Fadaee, Abdollah Eskandari, Saeed Ansari, Mohammadtaghi Paksima, Babak Shakiba, Mahmoud Maghami, Ahmad Morad Pour, Shahzad Safavi, Majid Liaghat, Siamak Ehsaei, Shahram Aalaei, Akbar Ghaffari, Azim Mashhadi, Milad Abdolhosseini, Soheil Peidaveisi, Davood Zam, Gholamreza Zadeh Noor, Saeed Ashoori, Ali Bakhtiari, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Abbas Ghasedi, Shapoor Kalhor, Farhad Afarand Nia, Parviz Goldoost, Shahram Zandi, Farhad Alinejad, Ahmad Heidari, Armin Bali Khani, Mehdi Taheri, Mahmood Asemani, Morteza Ghahremani, Hamid Dolfani, Zabihollah Motahari Nejad, Fardin Khan Mohammadi, Mohammad Bayati, Mehdi Padidar, Hasan Khansari, Vahid Hashem Khani, Mozaffar Hasan Zadeh, Ali Khaghani, Farshad Ramezani, Ahmad Saafi, Rahman Haghighi, Ali Heidari, Mohammad Bayani, Mazhar Hasan Nejad, Mohsen Roozbahani, Javad Piltan, Saeed Ghaemi, Seyed Mehdi Heydari, Seyed Mohsen Khorram Darreh, Amir Parichehr, Arash Ghasemi, Hafez Ahmadi, Alireza Riahi, Rouhollah Jafar beigloo, Faramarz Roshanayi, Abbas Hassani
Landing in Roam is about that Foroud has left his work and saves Fereshteh from committing suicide but he is fired. At midnight, he sees a six-year old kid behind his door holding a letter. When he reads the letter, he finds out that the kid is his own son belonging to his abortive marriage in Germany. He once had a German wife who is now severely ill and has rendered the kid to Foroud. Foroud who is searching for a job and taking care of his kid, finds out that the kid has a heart disease and he should pay a significant amount of money for the treatment. He fails to provide the costs but he decides to save his child anyway so he has to use a gun to reach his goals. In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Pejman Bazeghi, Tina Charkhchian, Jamshid Hashempour, Majid Moshiri, Mehrdad Falahatgar, Nazanin Farahani, Nasser Aghayi, Amir Aghaei, Afshin Sadeghi, Hassan Rouhparvari, Mehri Shirazi, Saeed Asadi, Karim Kashani, Hamzeh Oliazadeh, Mohammad Ravandi, Nima Lolaei, Nezam Kashfi
Thirst is about that Nader is released after 5 years in jail, but soon is tempted to rob a jewelry shop along with an old acquaintance of him. He doesn't accept at first and wants to have a peaceful life with his wife, Soudabeh, but he agrees once he finds out that the shop belongs to Saeed Zebel, the same person who was responsible for his imprisonment . To assmble a team, he first goes to visit Ashkan, who agrees because he needs money in order to buy a house and get married. The next person is Ashkan's friend, Kourosh, who is an electrician . The shop is located under Tehran's Grand Hotel; they create a fire in the hotel,so they are able to go into the room above the shop and carry out their plan successfully. After they leave the hotel with the bag full of jewelry, Ashkan has an asthma attack and Nader goes to the pharmacy to get his medicine. However, this attack was his ruse to leave Nader, and escape with Kourosh and take all the jewelry. Ashkan then handcuffs Kourosh to the steering wheel and takes the bag. Nader and Kourosh go after Ashkan and go through a struggle upon finding him, during which the bag is passed around many times. Kourosh is thrown from a building while escaping and dies. Nader who was supposed to meet Soudabeh at the railroad station is killed just before he can get on the train by a killer who was hired by the same acquaintance who had proposed the robbery. Ashkan who believes to be the winner and can take the money, is also killed by the same man and eventually the money goes to the one who had originally made the proposition of robbery. In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Bahram Radan, Shabnam Gholikhani, Shahram Haghighat Doost, Fariborz Arabnia, Kamran Ghadakchian, Payman Maadi, Abdollah Eskandari, Faraj Heidari, Mohammadhossein Farahbakhsh, Abdollah Alikhani, Maryam Nikraftar, Hossein Majd, Babak Akhavan, Ahmad Ahmadii, Nobar Ghanbarian, Sasan Bagherpour, Tayyeb Sherafati, Manouchehr Sadeghpoor, Ahmad Kalantari, Majid Alizadeh, Heshmatollah Aramideh, Hossein Hosseini Fashami, Alireza Hosseini, Saghar Azizi, Hossein Charmchi, Ebrahim Ezzatkhah, Jalil Malekzadeh, Vali Jame Bozorgi, Sanaz Shams, Keyvan Jahanshahi, Kioomars Mahmoodi, Mahmoud Mahkami, Gholamreza Yazdani
Child of Morning is about that The movie is about the childhood of Imam Khomeini in Khomein. In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Atila Pesyani, Hediyeh Tehrani, Sahar Dolatshahi, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Seifollah Dad, Behrooz Afkhami, Mohammad Reza Sharafodin, Saeed Malekan, Farrokh Majidi, Elika Abdolrazaghi, Hossein Abolsedgh, Behzad Abdi, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Nahid Tolou, Alireza Novin Nejad, Abdolreza Akbari, Arash Ghasemi, Mohammad Aligholizadeh, Leyla Shoghi, Hadi Heydari, Arman Iranpoor, Somayyeh Rahnemun, Keyvan Honarmand, Mehdi Safavi, Mohammad Bozorgmehr
Unexpected is about that Mahmood who lives a normal life with his wife Shiva, is starting to pursue a cereer in fashion industry, and although his wife is against it, he does what he thinks is right for him. He meets new people and finds new interests, and it's the story of his journey to become a famous rich model and experience the whole process and even lose and gain the trusts and hearts. He will taste the sweetness of success along with the bitter taste of failure. In this film Asghar Omidvar Khorram collaborates with Hanieh Tavassoli, Shahab Hosseini, Siavash Hekmat-Shoar, Mohammad Hadi Karimi, Mehrdad Ziaei, Asghar Rafiejam, Abdollah Eskandari, Hassan Ayoubi, Mahmoud Samakbashi, Ahmad Ahmadii, Mohammad Sheivandi, Hassan Zahedi, Danial Ebadi, Soudabeh Beyzaei‌, Fariborz Asili, Hamid Javid, Sahar Zare
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