Amir Ghahremanzadeh
امیر قهرمان‌زاده

Amir Ghahremanzadeh (امیر قهرمان‌زاده)
  • Actor
Amir Ghahremanzadeh has been a Actor in some movies:
Hard Times in Khomein is about that The events that happened after the constitutional revolution until the Pahlavi regime came to power and the start of the First World War. At this historical moment, with the advance of the Russian army to the central regions of Iran, riots will prevail in these regions. In this film Amir Ghahremanzadeh collaborates with Jahangir Almasi, ... Parivash Nazarieh, Maryam Boubani, Mahmoud Jafari, Bagher Sahraroodi, Jafar Dehghan, Mehdi Homayunfar, Mojtaba Raei, Yadollah Najafi, Hossein Jafarian, Mehrzad Minooei, Mohammad Haj Hosseini, Mahmoud Pakniat, Zahra Saeedi, Hossein Mahjoob, Mahvash Sabrkon, Behzad Kazzazi, Houshang Mansour Khaki, Mohsen Mossavi, Mohammad Seddigh Moradzadeh, Hasan Khansari, Ramin Abolsedgh, Hafez Ahmadi, Ali Bokanian, Ali Yaghoob Zadeh, Amanollah Rahimi, Mohammad Javad Bakhshi Zadeh, Shirin Samadi
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