Ahmad Aghalou
احمد آقالو

Ahmad Aghalou (احمد آقالو)
  • Actor
Aqalou, Ahmad (born 1949, Qazvin - died November 23, 2008, Tehran) Aqalou graduated in Theater from the University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts and began his artistic career at the Free Acting School of the College of Dramatic Arts. He made his cinematic career in 1983 with ‘Dadshah'. His portrayal of the character of "Writer" in 'The Sultan and the Shepherd' is one of his most memorable performances. Aqalou performed in the movies 'Patal and Small Wishes' (1989), 'Passing the Trap ...' (1993), ‘A piece of Bread’ (2004), ‘The Reward’ (2008) as well as the series 'Silent Love' (2002), 'Dance in the Sky' (2005) and ‘Shahriyar’ (2005).
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