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Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini ( سید امیر پروین‌حسینی )


Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini ( سید امیر پروین‌حسینی )


Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini ( سید امیر پروین‌حسینی ) was born March 20, 1967, in Tehran, Iran. Amir developed an interest in photography, theater and music early on and after graduating from Alborz High School in which he was highly acclaimed because of his participation in professional sports such as Soccer and Kayaking. He studied theater and professional management skills in Tehran University for a few months where he learned from many great instructors, including pioneering director and screenwriter Bahram Beizai and Hamid Samandarian, an Iranian film and theater director and translator. In 1997 he attended the prestigi Read More.. ous Production & Film making program at I.R.I.B. University and continued his studies there,as a graduate student in marketing & advertising. He started his career by editing and directing a few music videos and television series. In the following years, his work focused on producing films and series outside of Iran, such as France, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Afghanistan .... Amir served as a producer in 4 drama films in cinema, 6 television films, 7 TV series, 2 music videos and some TV commercials. His outstanding productions such as 'Do Not Turn, Please'. have brought him several awards from festivals. Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini knows much success in 2016 with feature film I Am Not Salvador.


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Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini ( سید امیر پروین‌حسینی )