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Reza Shafi-Jam (رضا شفیعی جم)


Reza Shafi-Jam (رضا شفیعی جم)

Director | Actor

Born: June 30th 1971 in Tehran, Iran

Reza Shafiei Jam (رضا شفیعی جم) born in 1971, is an Iranian actor. He is famous for his roles in satire TV series and films. He is half Kermanshahi. Reza Shafiee Jam was born in Tehran. Despite having a degree in Graphic Design he pursued theater and acting. In 1990, he stared in Two Travel Companions.


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Reza Shafi-Jam (رضا شفیعی جم)


Reza Shafi-Jam (رضا شفیعی جم)

Director | Actor

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