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Mahvash Sabrkon (مهوش صبرکن)


Mahvash Sabrkon (مهوش صبرکن)


Born: June 6th 1960 in Shiraz

Sabrkon, Mahvash (born 1960, Shiraz) Mahvash Sabrkon began her acting career in theater in 1977 and took part in a lot of plays. Since the beginning of her work in theater, Sabrkon simultaneously worked in television. While she was taking part in teleplays in Shiraz, she also started teaching theater to kids and teenagers. The Iranian artist is also currently working as an actress. Sabrkon has appeared in several movies, including ‘In the Storm's Path’ (1988), ‘Ghazal’ (1995), ‘Poplar’ (2001) and ‘Extreme Cold’ (2009). She has also taken part in various TV series, such as ‘Let the Sun Rise’ (1998-1999), ‘Sea Read More.. soned Rider’ (1997), ‘After The Rain’ (2000), ‘Youth’ (2001) and ‘The Way of Infatuation’ (2004).


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Mahvash Sabrkon (مهوش صبرکن)