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Wild Deer - Ahooye Vahshi - آهوی وحشی


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Wild Deer - Ahooye Vahshi - آهوی وحشی

Wild Deer - Ahooye Vahshi - آهوی وحشی

Ahmad, a student who plays doutar, leaves the town for the forest and mountains due to his teacher’s strictness and bad behavior. His sister, Narges, takes Ahmad’s broken doutar with her and goes after him. They get lost in the forest and Narges gets sick as a result of panic. The teacher, with the help of two other people, start looking for them in the forest. There, a bear attacks them. Esfandiar, the elder brother of Ahmad and Narges, is tended to oppose the teacher. He supposes that his brother and sister have been killed in the forest; thereby, he starts plotting his revenge on the teacher...


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