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The White Death - Marge Sepid - مرگ سپيد


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The White Death - Marge Sepid - مرگ سپيد

The White Death - Marge Sepid - مرگ سپيد

Farid is an ambitious young man who is after fame and fortune and wants to travel a hundred years long road in one night. He along with his friend Masood, who is one of a kind and multilayered person and is always under the influence of Luc Besson and calls himself Leon, enter a huge international deal for heroin. They cheat in their deal with Patrick who is a big international smuggler and steal a couple of hundred kilos of pressurized heroin. Meanwhile, Patrick, in order to punish Farid and regain what he has lost, takes Farid’s family hostage who was immigrated to Canada. He kills Farid’s wife and kidnaps his daughter Sodeh. The police are informed of the drug’s theft and arrange for a fake deal through one of their officers. Masood is killed during the fake deal. Farid is fighting the police on the one side and on the other side, in order to free Sodeh and avenge his wife, is fighting Patrick. In the end, Sodeh is freed by Patrick’s wife who had begun to have a motherly feeling toward her. Farid and Patrick are killed in a bloody fight between themselves and the cops


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