Tick Tack - Tiktak - تیک‌تاک


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Tick Tack - Tiktak - تیک‌تاک

Tick Tack - Tiktak - تیک‌تاک

Hassan's mother brings an old wrist watch and gives it to the teacher to give it to Hassan as a present so he be encouraged in front of his classmates. The wrist watch belongs to his passed away father and is very precious to the mother. Saeed who is Hassan's friend is envious of this beautiful present and put it in his briefcase but the teacher returns it to Hassan. Once again in the street Hassan gives his watch to Saeed and he shows it to his grandfather. The old man thinks that this is Saeed's and hides it in an old box and locks the box. Now Hassan and Saeed both are after a way to get the watch back.

At school, Hassan is awarded he is at the second grade of elementary school. His classmate, Saeid, also waits for a prize, but he is not awarded because of his grandfather's inattention. They both get upset for a short period, but eventually they manage to solve the issue , and their friendship continues.

در مدرسه به « حسن» دانش آموز کلاس دوم دبستان، جایزه ای می دهند. «سعید» دوست همکلاسی او نیز خود را مستحق گرفتن جایزه میداند، اما به دلیل بی توجهی پدربزرگش جایزهٔ او فراموش می شود. به همین خاطر رابطه این دو جوان برای مدت کوتاهی قطع می شود، اما در نهایت آنها مشکل پیش آمده را به ابتکار خود حل میکنند و صمیمیت و دوستی آنها ادامه مییابد...


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