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Thirteen 59 - Sizdah 59 - ۵۹ سيزده

Thirteen 59 - Sizdah 59 - ۵۹ سيزده

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Thirteen 59 - Sizdah 59 - ۵۹ سيزده

What if you lived by the sea, and one day you stopped hearing the sound of the waves? What would you do then? That's the question posed by Saman Salur in 'Thirteen 59', an introspective study of the psychological side of war. A chief commander in the Iranian army wakes up from a coma years after the war in which he fought has ended. Unable to define himself by the conflict anymore, he struggles to move on from what he has always known and find the peace within himself. Habit is the hardest addiction to kick...

این فیلم در رابطه با یک جانباز است که حدود بیست سال است در کما می‌باشد و بعد از این مدت طولانی قرار است به هوش بیاید...

The movie tells the story of a commander of war coming out of the coma after years: the inhabitants of the ocean will not hear the waves after a while…how bitter is the sad story of habit…