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The Twilight - Gagooman - گاگومان

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The Twilight - Gagooman - گاگومان

The Twilight - Gagooman - گاگومان

Alireza Shalikaran is serving time in prison for theft. He is a troublesome figure, trying as he does to escape from the prison and committing acts of violence. A handful he may be, but he finds a caring figure in the prison warden. The warden puts forward the case that Alireza might settle down when he finds a wife. Yet how is Alireza to find a wife when he is enclosed within the prison walls? The task of finding a marriage partner falls to Alireza's mother, who is also in prison. She comes across a young woman, who, though incarcerated for drug-related offences, is respectable. Will the match work? An interesting look at the limits of prison life.

In the local language, Gagoman means the time of twilight; the time when you see and do not see. This is the case of Alireza and Fatemeh, two prisoners residing in the north-east of Iran. Thanks to the efforts of the warden of the prison, Alireza, a 34-year-old prisoner, who had been repeatedly sent to prison in his adolescence, gets married to a female prisoner named Fatemeh who was sentenced to life Imprisonment. After some time, Fatemeh gives birth to their child and gets released after a while, but Alireza is still in prison. Seven months later, the man's sentence ends and they start a new life outside the prison where they have no idea about.

گاگومان در زبان محلی به معنای زمان گرگ و میش است. زمانی که می بینی و نمیبینی.واین مصداق احوال علیرضا و فاطمه، دو ساکن زندانی در شمال شرق ایران است.علیرضا و مرد زندانی ۳۴ ساله - که از نوجوانی بارها به زندان محکوم شده بود - با یک زن زندانی به نام فاطمه که محکوم به حبس ابد است، با تلاش و همت رئیس زندان به ازدواج هم در می آیند. چندی بعد علیرضا و فاطمه صاحب فرزندی می شوند. کمی بعد فاطمه عفو می شود، امّا علیرضا هنوز در زندان است، هفت ماه بعد محکومیت مرد نیز پایان می پذیرد و آنها زندگی تازه ای را آغاز می کنند، زندگی در بیرون از زندان،جایی که شناختی از آن ندارند.