Mohammad Rasoulof
محمد رسول اف

Mohammad Rasoulof (محمد رسول اف)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
Mohammad Rasolouf ( محمد رسول اف ) is a multi-award-winning independant filmmaker, born in 1972 in Shiraz, Iran. He has a degree in Sociology from Shiraz University and film editing at Sooreh Higher Education Institute in Tehran. His most critically acclaimed film is Goodbye (2011) which won the Un Certain Regard - Directing Prize from the Cannes Film Festival. Mohammad Rasoulof is also known for The Twilight (Gagooman) (2002) winning a Crystal Simorgh & the documentary Head Wind (Baad ...-e-daboor) (2008). Mohammad Rasoulof was arrested for filming without a permit in 2010 and was released on bail. None of his films has been released in Iran.