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Binam Alley - Koocheye Binam - کوچه بی نام

Binam Alley - Koocheye Binam - کوچه بی نام

Binam Alley - Koocheye Binam - کوچه بی نام
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Two families live in the same impoverished neighbourhood but their differing outlooks on life brings them many difficulties. Mehdi lives with his devoutly religious wife and three daughters. In the same building, lives Farzaneh who has lost her husband. She lives with her son and a baby girl. The narrative unpacks the lives of these two families, highlighting the generation gap in Iran and the struggle between tradition and modernity.

فیلم کوچه بی نام به کارگردانی هاتف علیمردانی و بازی فرهاد اصلانی و باران کوثری در مورد دو خانواده در جنوب شهر تهران است که درگیر یک سری اتفاقات می شوند....

This film is about two traditional families who live in an old house. The young son is supposed to go to Khorramshahr for work. Haj Ahmed, his uncle, gets him a plane ticket and the day after they find out that the plane has crashed and this is the start of challenges for these two families.


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