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The Controversy - Jedal - جدال


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The Controversy - Jedal - جدال

The Controversy - Jedal - جدال

Goli marries a young man named Taher. After a while, they find out that they will never have a baby. Karim, who has been Goli's suitor since many years ago, pursues her. Goli is scared so she takes refuge in a garden, The owner of the garden attacks her and she passes out while resisting against him, The man gets scared, leaves his garden and runs away. Some time later, Goli finds out that she is pregnant. Supposing that it is the garden owner's child, she decides to have an abortion. Taher believes that Karim is the father of the child. So he gets into a conflict with him and kills him. Eventually, with the admission of the owner of the garden, Taher and Goli finds out that the child belongs to themselves.


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