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The Broken Gun - Tofange Shekaste - تفنگ شکسته


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The Broken Gun - Tofange Shekaste - تفنگ شکسته

The Broken Gun - Tofange Shekaste - تفنگ شکسته

Baktash manages a turquoise mine in Ghal'eballa village, which belongs to the Minister of Industry and Mines, with much authority. When Baktash finds that Ghader, one of the workers of the mine, gave a piece of turquoise to Aqa-Amoo, who is one of the oldest miners working there, he gets Ghader murdered with the help of his agents. Aqa-Amoo and the miners stop working, but Baktash makes them suffer. The sons of Aqa-Amo have an struggle with Backtash's relatives without telling Aqa-Amo. The bloody fight is followed by the death of the two of the boys, and it causes Aqa-Amo to be involved in this conflict and fights with Baktash and kills him.

بكتاش، معدن فیروزه ی وزیر صنایع و معادن را در روستای قلعه بالا اداره می كند. آقاعمو و گروهی از اهالی روستا از جمله قادر در معدن به كار مشغولند. قادر قطعه ای فیروزه می یابد و به آقاعمو می دهد. عوامل بكتاش قادر را در معدن به قتل می رسانند و...


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