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The Bells - Zangha - زنگ‌ها

The Bells - Zangha - زنگ‌ها

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Bells - Zangha - زنگ‌ها

The silence of this sleepy little town is soon disturbed when the residents begin to receive threatening phone calls. No one knows who is making them. The police fail to find any evidence leading to the anonymous offender. It seems the further they investigate, the less they know. Is it possible that the whole town is in danger? An intense and captivating horror that is filled with suspense.

داستان فیلم درمورد تلفن های مشکوکی است که در شهری نامعلوم به مردم می شود و شهروندان به وسیله تلفن از سوی شخص یا اشخاص ناشناس تهدید به مرگ می شوند.