Mohsen Makhmalbaf
محسن مخملباف

Mohsen Makhmalbaf (محسن مخملباف)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Actor
  • Cinematographer
  • Writer
  • Set Designer
Born May 29, 1957
Mohsen Makhmalbaf (محسن مخملباف) is a dissident Iranian director whose political drive began in pre-revolutionary Iran, channelling his energy into filmmaking. Born in 1957, Mohsen Makhmalbaf was an advocate of the Islamic Revolution, notably one of the first film directors able to film under the new Islamic regime. The Cyclist (1987) and The Marriage of the Blessed (1989) are often remembered as particularly poignant subject matters today. Malkmalbaf's wife Marzieh Meshkini and chil ...dren: Samira, Hana and Maysam are widely acknowledged in the film industry today.