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The Organisation - Tashkilat - تشکیلات


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The Organisation - Tashkilat - تشکیلات

The Organisation - Tashkilat - تشکیلات

Mahmoud is haunted by his ruthless past as a vice undercover agent, operating in the murky depths of the drug underworld. Now a father and a husband, he is a different man. Mahmoud will have to face the demonic kingpin he once let go, fighting off the nightmarish shadows of his former life before they engulf all that he holds dear. The Organisation is a tense thriller that will enthrall and excite those who watch it.

Mahmoud, the prosecutor of the Anti-Narcotics Prosecutor's Office, arrests a former guard's officer named Sohrab. After investigating Sohrab, he finds out that he has been engaged in the missions of drug trafficking and overthrowing the regime. While Mahmoud is actively pursuing his case to find the gang members, he realizes that his former wife is back along with her father, Eskandar. Years ago, Maryam married to Mahmoud so as to identify the revolutionary people through him as he was secretly engaged in the fights. Now she is back again to grab his child and indeed discover the position of Sohrab. Soon Mahmoud realizes the truth, but Eskandar's people abduct and torture him. Using an opportunity, Mahmoud succeeds to escape. Later on and with the help of other agents, Maryam and the main members of the counter-revolutionary group are plagued.

محمود " بازپرس دادسرای مبارزه با مواد مخدر بیک افسر سابق گارد با نام "سهراب "را دستگیر می کند و پس از تحقیق از او درمییابد که وی عهده دار ماموریت دوگانه قاچاق مواد مخدر و فعالیت در براندازی رژیم است. محمود ضمن پیگیری فعالانه اش برای شناخت اعضای باند متوجه بازگشت همسر سابق خود "مریم " به اتفاق پدرش اسکندر" میگردد. مریم سالها قبل بنا به دستور برای شناخت افراد انقلابی از طریق محمود (که مخفیانه به مبارزه مشغول بود ) به یک ازدواج مصلحتی دست زده بود و حالا هم ظاهرا" برای بدست آوردن فرزندش و در واقع پیگیری موقعیت سهرام به این سفر دست زده است . محمود بزودی متوجه حقیقت امر میگردد اما وسیله ایادی اسکندر ربوده و شکنجه میشود. در یک فرصت محمود موفق به فرار شده و سپس با یاری مامورین، مریم و هسته مرکزی گروه ضد انقلاب را گرفتار می نماید.