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Taboo - Tabou - تابو

Taboo - Tabou - تابو

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Turkish and +20 more languages

Taboo - Tabou - تابو

When the strong-willed Bahar catches the attention of wealthy landowner Salar, she faces the prospect of a forced marriage to someone 40 years her senior. Unhappy and desperate for control over her own destiny, she decides to run away with her true love. However, this proves to be far from easy, and soon both Salar and Bahar’s abusive father Aghamoo are on her trail. Sweet, romantic, and at times tragic, this drama questions how far we are willing to go for love.

TABOO is the story of a67 years old Iranian Landowner in North of Iran . In spite of having 3 legal Wife He is pushing one of his workers — who has a beautiful 24 years old daughter — , to force her daughter into marriage with him, The girl is a student in a university in Rasht ( a city north of Iran ) and she is very active in Social Student Activities in the university , in the same time she is in love with one of her classmate who is elementary teacher in a village near to town, They compelled her to goes to marriage ceremony but she escapes and goes to the school that her lover is teaching , but he doesn’t keep her since all the students discover she is there and send her to his small apartment in the city who shares with two of his friends but the apartment is not safe and he send her to a deserted Ship that one of his friend makes Alcohol and vin illegally there , but they are in terrible , The man and the father find them for Revenge….

سالار یکی از ملاکین بانفوذ منطقهٔ هزارجریب، در آرزوی فرزند تصمیم می‌گیرد برای چهارمین بار ازدواج کند. آق‌عمو که معتاد به مواد مخدر است و در گاوداری صالح مشغول به کار است، می‌پذیرد در ازای پرداخت بدهی‌ که به صالح دارد، دخترش را به عقد برادرش سالار در بیاورد. بهار که از قبل دل در گروی کسری داشته، در مقابل این پیشنهاد به شدت مخالفت می‌کند.