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Splendour of Life - Shokoohe Zendegi - شکوه زندگی


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Splendour of Life - Shokoohe Zendegi - شکوه زندگی

Splendour of Life - Shokoohe Zendegi - شکوه زندگی

Tahereh and her husband, Mansour, live a peaceful life in a rented apartment. Tahereh's father is old and lives with them. His only property is an old house in Maragheh which he wishes to sell to help Mansour buy a house, but Mansour can't accept his help because of his pride. On a Friday, Tahereh invites Mansour's sister (Mehri) and her children for lunch. Mehri, who seems has come to make trouble, drags Tahereh's father and disrupts their peaceful life. Mansour leaves the house in a grumpy mood to show his support for his sister. Tahereh takes the children to a park and later, finds out her husband is back home through a call from Mansour's friend. She rushes back home, but not only Mansour isn't back, but her father has left there too...

زن و شوهری با فرزندشان در یك مجتمع آپارتمانی زندگی می كنند. صاحب مجتمع آن ها را زیر فشار قرار می دهد. مشغله های مختلف روابط خانه و خانواده را آشفته می كند. مرد پیشنهاد پدر همسرش را كه حاضر است به آن ها كمك كند تا خانه ای برای خود تهیه كنند، نمی پذیرد .


iran proud