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Sohrab - Sohrab - سهراب

Sohrab - Sohrab - سهراب

سهراب و ترانه که یکدیگر را دوست دارند به دلیل مخالفت والدین، هر کدام به تنهایی تصمیم به خودکشی می گیرند....

Sohrab and Taraneh are in love with each other and hope to get married, but when their parents express disapproval, they decide to commit suicide. Sohrab is saved in the last moments, but Taraneh starts to express her doubts about it and cannot keep her promise. Upon hearing this, Sohrab feels so hurt and leaves home, feeling heartbroken and distressed and starts to believe that life is empty and meaningless. Sohrab's father, Sadegh, and Taraneh's father, Abbas, had fought together in the war many years ago and have been friends since then. But their friendship has started to fade since their children fell in love with each other, so none of them tries to solve his child's problem. When Taraneh tells Sohrab that she has a jeweler suitor, he and his friends rob the suitor's jewelry shop and then, he and Taraneh run away to Khorramshahr together. After this, Sadegh and Abbas decide to reconcile with each other to get their children back. So they set off to Khorramshahr but when they arrive there, they get in a fight with some thugs and lose their lives. Now the two lovers, despite of feeling a deep sorrow for their fathers, finally have each other…